1hr 30min Sovereign Light Tower and Beachy Head lighthouse tour

When you arrive at our meeting point you will be greeted by your captain and first mate, once your booking has been confirmed we will supply you with a life jacket and show you how to properly wear it.

When everybody is ready you will be given a quick briefing on some of the safety features on board.

Once aboard the Kraken and sitting comfortably you will then depart to one of the 2 large locks at Sovereign Harbour, while you wait for the lock to change you get a glimpse of how things look like for all boats that use them

Once the Kraken has moored up inside the lock there is plenty of opportunities to ask any questions regarding your trip or just chill out with friends and family before starting your journey.

When you leave the lock the Kraken will take you through the outer harbour keeping to the 5 Knot speed limit. Keep an eye out for seals at low tide as they can often be found resting on the banks on either side.

As we leave the protection of the outer harbour wall there might be a few rough waves “weather depending” so hold on tight. Once cleared we will take you south approx 6 miles towards Sovereign light tower “approx 15 minutes”, once there the Kraken will circle the tower alowing you to get some photos while you listen to some fun facts regaurding the tower.

You will then head west for roughly 25 minutes passing lots of fishing markers and other vessels until we arrive at Beachy Head Lighthouse which is based at the bottom of Beachy Head’s cliff, keep a eye open as Dolphins and seals have been known to play with the Kraken here. Again there will be a nice photo oppertunity for you with some more interesting facts ” who said learning is boring”.

As you start to make your way along Eastbourne seafront you will pass Eastbournes very own big wheel, lifeboat musuem and its famous band stand. Passing the pier we give a wave to all the visitors and fisherman and head back to Sovereign Harbour where we arrive safely back to the lock.

Once we arrive back in the harbour your skipper will help you off the Kraken where you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Why not treat yourself to one of Sovereign Harbours many resturants and sit back and relax at this 5 star harbour.


(Please note that depending on the weather and sea state the Skipper may do the route in reverse for your comfort and safety)

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