Birthdays / Anniversaries

Have you or someone else got a Birthday / Anniversary coming up? then keep reading

Why not book the Kraken and invite some family and friends along to celebrate the occasion, from 1hr 30min to 2hr 30min trips and a choice of destinations.

Fun fact – did you know the Kraken is not just a legendary sea monster but is a bit of a party animal too? Our Kraken is Fitted with 13 high-performance speakers for you and your guests to enjoy, we can play all your favorite hits while speeding along the coastline, and of course, we encourage singing at all times. Let us know when booking what music you would like played.

Remember to grab as many pics of your special day and don’t worry we can take some pics for you as well so you are all in the picture, don’t forget you can also add our video package for that special memory.

Do you have a surprise gift you would like to be handed out at a certain point on the tour, if so we can help as long as it’s not to big.

1hr 30min tour upto 12 adults £400 or 2hr 30min tour £780

Kids party 2 x adult and upto 10 children under 16 1hr 30min tour £380

“height restrictions apply”

Contact us today to find out how we can personalize your special day.

Bday & Anv