The answer is no but you do have to be 4ft (48inches) in height or over

We are not medical experts and would not recommend our experiences for anyone with a bad back. However, if you are confident you are fit for the trip we will simply ask you to fill out a short medical disclaimer before leaving our mooring.

This is all at your own risk and KRT will not be held responsible for any problems caused.

No there is no weight restriction but some seats do offer smaller space so if in doubt please do contact us before making a booking.

Unfortunately we do not allow mothers at any stage of pregnancy on board any of our experiences.

Children under 14 require a parent or guardian, children under 16 must have a minor disclaimer form filled out prior to the departure by a parent or guardian.

If the crew are present at the boat and are taking on people to join a trip then the answer is yes, card payments can be taken on the spot (no cash)

Your on a boat in the sea with waves around you so there is a high chance you can get wet with spray, we advise on bringing  some form of waterproof with you.

Please remeber that although it is 31’c on the beech it can be alot colder on the open sea, always bring some form of jumper/jacket with you.

The boat departs from Sovereign Harbour opposite Pablo’s restaurant.

Our trips will still go ahead with light showers. Please dress appropriately for changing weather.

If heavy rain is predicted and it will be to wet to enjoy the tour we will notify you and provide an alternative option.

High winds create big waves, and although the boat can handle extreme weather we will not operate if we feel the ride will be uncomfortable for you or too dangerous. The Captain has the final say and will decide on the day. Your safety is our main priority.

Unfortunately no animals will be allowed onboard.

Sea sickness generally occurs when the boat is stationary in rough water. Once we are moving it is less likely to occur.

Due to it generally being colder at sea we recommend wrapping up warmly as once out at sea you cannot change.

In the heat of summer please remember to bring suncream.

we do not recommend wearing skirts, or dresses as the life jackets we provide have a strap that will need to be secured between your legs.

Also no heels to be worn aboard.

It is also recomended to wear glasses or sun glasses to protect your eyes from the wind.

Please wear suitable flat shoes when onboard. Unfortunately, you can not wear heels as these may damage the boat and also do not offer as much support as a flat show