1hr 30min Sing-along

Do you like a good old-fashioned sing-along? then why not have a sing-along on the water, invite your friends and family for a jolly, let your hair down, and sing out loud to your favorite tunes while aboard the mighty Kraken.

The price for a 1hr 30min sing-along tour is £400, saving you £80 if you were booking individual seats for 12 people.

Included in this deal is the following – 1hr 30min private boat hire and your choice of destination (time permitted), allowing up to 12 people to come aboard and have some fun.

When booking with us we will ask you for a playlist of the songs you would like, even if there are a few in there that are not for singing so you can catch your breath that’s fine, it’s your playlist !!!

Take full advantage and select our 1080hd video package to capture your time with us, in return, you will receive a personalized USB stick with raw footage for you to edit to your heart’s content and share, Price £30 for 1080hd

Get the experience like no other with 13 high-quality Rockford Fosgate speakers laid out over the whole boat, so you don’t miss a beat and everyone can enjoy crystal clear sound.