Meet the Kraken

At 10 meters long and weighing several tons, the Kraken is no lightweight, but that does not mean she is a slouch though, with her streamlined deep V hull shaped like a bullet and 10 separate air chambers this Humber’s rib is designed for the most extreme conditions, known as the 4×4 of the seas she is also one of the safest as well.

This has been proven by a wide-ranging clientele including the British Antarctic Survey, Fire and Rescue organisations, Police Forces, UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), Meggitt Defence and hundreds of other professional organisations.

Couple this extreme hull with 2 x 350hp Mercury Verado outboard engines and you have a sea monster that with its experienced skipper is capable of delivering you to your destination and back again with a big smile on your face.

The Kraken is fitted with the latest safety equipment which is overseen by several authorities and checked daily. All the crew are fully trained in first aid and sea survival so you can sit back and enjoy the ride knowing that you are in safe hands.

The Kraken can hold up to 12 passengers and 2 crew, there is a minimum height of 4ft (48 inches) for passengers to ensure their safety.

One feature that stands out the most besides being an all-black boat is the Rockford Fosgate high-end audio system, 14 speakers delivering incredible clear audio for everyone to enjoy from crystal clear highs to deep down lows.

Unlike the majority of passenger rib boats operating around the world the Kraken is fitted with jockey seats which give the passenger a more exciting experience, these seats offer great comfort and more support in rougher conditions compared to bench seats which are more suited to larger ships or inland waters where it is calm.

Having 2 engines not only makes the Kraken twice as reliable and more powerful, but it also makes it more controllable at slow speed, with the right control input she can rotate on her own axis without using the steering wheel.

Fun Fact – did you know to pump up the Kraken’s 10 air chambers by hand can take anything up to 30 minutes…that is depending on how much rum was consumed the night before.