Skipper's Briefing

When you arrive at our meeting point you will be greeted by your captain and first mate, once your booking has been confirmed you will be handed and shown how to wear your lifejacket.

When everybody is ready you will be taken down to the Kraken where you will be given a quick briefing on some of the safety features on board.

Now the excitement starts to build as your crew helps you step onboard the Kraken, the boat does move side to side so make sure you are always holding on to something, once seated the skipper will bring the beast alive and release the ropes as we make our way to one of two 50 meter locks, as soon as we are in the lock you will have chance to ask any questions you have or just take in the workings of lock procedures and boating life.

The lock can take anything from 5 to 25 minutes to change depending on the condition of the tide, what time we enter and how busy it is, don’t panic though as your booking does not start till we leave the lock into the open water.

When you leave the lock the Kraken will take you through the outer harbour keeping to the 5 Knot speed limit. Keep an eye out for seals at low tide as they can often be found resting on the banks on either side.

Please note that there is a minimum height for passengers which is 4ft (48inches) and that this boat tour is not recommended for people who are pregnant or have back issues.

Please see our FAQs page for more info

Kraken Rib Tours