Treasure Hunt

Arghh so you want to find some treasure, well ye be in the right place.

Brilliant for pirate themed birthday parties or just a bit of fun. your skipper will take you and your friends/family on a journey on the high seas and along the way you will be given clues which you and your ship mates have to answer in order to find some booty.


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Behind the Scenes

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When booking a treasure hunt you have the option of supplying your own treasure for the party on board, we carry a 20ltr dry bag which can be filled with items of your choice, be it sweats, toys or even money the choice is yours. You could purchase a small treasure chest from us which can then be filled then placed in the bag. When underway during the journey we will drop the bag overboard with a floating flag displaying a giant X, which hopefully your party will find after getting lots of clues. Once recoverd by the Krakens first mate he will then give the bag to the nominated person for them to open.
Maybe some pirate eye patches and hats could be in the bag for the party to wear on there way back to the harbour.
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